Max Recorder Additional Options Guide

This guide fully covers the usage of additional options of Max Recorder. To start using Max Recorder right away  please refer to the Quick Start Guide. You can then refer to this guide to learn about additional options and ways to use Max Recorder.

The Max Recorder Menu

As shown above, the Max Recorder Menu is opened by clicking on the Menu button at the upper left corner of the interface. The menu includes the following straightforward items:
  • YouTube Wizard: opens the YouTube Wizard panel
  • Purchase: links to the website to purchase the full version of Max Recorder
  • Website: links to this Max Recorder website
  • Register: opens a dialog window where you can enter your purchased Max Recorder product serial number to activate the full version. (This Register item disappears from the menu after successful registration.)
  • Help: links to this online user Manual, and provides About information with additional application details
  • Options: opens a dialog window which allows you to set various useful options for Max Recorder described in detail below


Clicking Options from the Max Recorder Menu opens the window below:

Window always on top

By selecting the Window always on top option you can set Max Recorder so that it will always be visible on your screen. This can be useful when you are doing a lot of recording and saving.

Remove track from list after saving

Selecting this option causes Max Recorder to automatically delete tracks from the Recorded Tracks list after you save them to either an MP3 file or directly to iTunes.

Ask to clear list on exit

Selecting this option causes Max Recorder to ask you if you want to delete all your current recordings from the Recorded Tracks list whenever you close Max Recorder. This is an easy way to get rid of tracks that you no longer need, and helps clear your hard disk space of unwanted audio tracks.

Maximum short file duration

This option sets the length in seconds of the shortest file length that will be displayed in the Recorded Tracks list when the Hide Short Files option is checked on.

Channels: Mono or Stereo

This allows you to choose either the Stereo two channel or Mono single channel format for your recordings. Generally, for all music recordings you should use the Stereo format. The Mono format is useful for making very long Podcast type recordings without making the files too large. If Mono is selected for this purpose you typically will also want to select the 64 Kbps option described below.

Encoding Quality

This allows you to select your desired bit rate encoding quality for the MP3 format files that you both save as files and import directly into iTunes. The higher bit rates provide better audio quality and but also require more hard disk space but with the large disks available in most devices its generally worth using the extra space to get the highest audio quality.

256 Kbps is the highest bit rate available in the Max Recorder trial version and it provides very good sound quality.

The Max Recorder full version allows the 320 Kbps setting which provides excellent sound quality.

If you are making very long Podcast recordings of dialog such as lectures and you need to make the recorded file as small as possible, you can select the 64 Kbps option. In this case you typically will also want to select the Mono option described above.