Common Support Questions and Solutions

This section covers common product related support issues. If you need help with an order processing related issue please use the Order Processing Support form.

If you have a technical support issue that isn't covered on this page, please refer to our General Support Page, as it contains additional support topics for Max Recorder and also has a support email contact form.

What media player Volume Control settings are best to use when recording?

Max Recorder automatically "normalizes" the volume level of each recording you save. This a nice feature as tracks from all the various sources you are typically recording from were mastered with very different volume levels. Without normalization, when listening, some tracks can be too soft while others can blast your ears.

The Max Recorder normalization feature eliminates this problem by setting all your recordings to a standard playback volume.

When using the YouTube Wizard you can adjust your listening volume freely without affecting the recordings. Just use either the PC Volume Control icon on the bottom right of your task bar or your speaker system Volume Control to set your listening level.

When using the main Max Recorder panel to record media players such as Spotify and Pandora, the Max Recorder normalization feature also means that you don't have to worry about setting the volume control on your media players to any particular level or setting during recording as long as you follow the step below.

During recording don't change the the volume settings on your media players; use the Windows volume control or your speaker system volume control to set your listening level.  The Windows volume control is accessible by clicking on the Speaker icon in the task bar at the lower right corner of your screen. Note that during recording Max Recorder automatically mutes any Windows system sounds that might occur so you won't have those sounds in your recordings.

How do I manually control how recordings are split into separate files?

When running in default mode with Auto-Split Tracks ON and recording audio tracks which are being played continuously from one track to the next such as audio from online radio and media player playlists, Max Recorder automatically splits the recordings into individual tracks. This makes it easy to decide which tracks you want to save and keep.

However, there are some cases in which you don't want a recording to be split into individual tracks such as a long interview or lecture which may contain silent pauses. In this case just click the Auto-Split Tracks button to OFF mode. Then start playing the audio you want to record.

Once the audio you want to record has stopped playing, click on the Record Mode button to turn recording OFF. The recording you made will now appear in the Recorded Tracks list as a single recording. You can then Rename and Save it like normal.

Note that when the Auto-Split Tracks mode is OFF there is an additional button labeled Add to List Now that appears on the interface. This button can also be used to manually "split" a long recording; see the Recording Guide page for more info on this.

What Legal Rights enable the use of Max Recorder?

Unlike YouTube downloaders that typically download illegal copies of song files, Max Recorder is a digital recording device. Its usage thus falls under the terms of the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA).

The AHRA gives consumers the legal right to make digital audio recordings for personal noncommercial use, such as listening to them at a later time or copying them to a portable device for listening to them at a later time and a different location.

Keep in mind that the End User License Agreement (EULA) for Max Recorder also requires that recordings can only be made for personal use. This means you can not give copies of the recordings to others or upload them to file sharing sites. By accepting the EULA for Max Recorder you agree to conform to the terms of the AHRA and the Max Recorder EULA.

Additional Technical Support Issues

If you have a technical support issue that isn't covered on this page, please refer to our General Support Page, as it contains additional support topics for Max Recorder and also has a support email contact form.