Max Recorder Playback and Save Guide

This guide fully covers the playback and save options of Max Recorder. To start using Max Recorder right away please refer to the Quick Start Guide. You can then refer to this guide to learn about additional options and ways to use Max Recorder.

Recorded Tracks List

As shown above, completed recordings are displayed in the Recorded Tracks list. When a new recording is added to the list it is automatically given a temporary name using the current time and date. You can easily change the track name by using the Rename button described below. Click on a track in the list to select it for a Save, Rename, Delete or Play operation.

Save Button

The Save To button allows you to save the selected track either as an MP3 file or directly into iTunes so you can load it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. As shown below, the Save dialog also allows you to enter the Track Title, Artist Name and other track info. If you select the MP3 option, then an additional dialog will appear to allow you to choose the folder location for your MP3 file.
When saving to iTunes, the track will automatically appear in your Recently Added playlist in iTunes, making it easy to find your new Max Recorder recordings. By default, once a track has been saved it will automatically be removed from the Recorded Tracks list. If you prefer, you may turn off this functionality by clicking the Menu button and selecting Options. You may then deselect the option "Remove track from list after saving".

Rename Button

The Rename button opens the dialog shown below which allows you to enter the Track Title, Artist Name and additional info for the selected track. After entering this information and closing the dialog, the temporary date-based name for the track will be replaced with the Track Title (and Artist Name, if entered).

Delete Button

The Delete button allows you remove recordings you no longer want from the Recorded Tracks list. If desired, you can configure Max Recorder to automatically delete tracks from the Recorded Tracks list after they have been saved. You can also configure Max Recorder to automatically delete all tracks from the Recorded Tracks list when the Max Recorder application is closed. To access these options, click on the Menu button and select Options.  Learn more in the Additional Options Guide.

Hide Short Files Option

Just above the Recorded Tracks list there is a check box option labeled Hide Short Files. When this option is selected, only files greater than 30 seconds in length are shown in the Recorded Tracks list. This makes it easier to locate and save the tracks you wish to keep permanently. The short file time length setting can be modified in Max Recorder Menu button → Options.

Playback Transport 

You can play back any of your recorded tracks by selecting them in the Recorded Tracks list and then clicking the Play button ( ►) in the playback controls, as shown above. You can also initiate playback of a track by double-clicking on it. When playback begins, the Play button turns into a Pause button (▐ ▌) so that you can pause at a particular point in a track. At the top of the controls there is also a play position slider that can be clicked and dragged to a desired position in a track. There are also Previous (◄◄) and Next (►►) buttons you can use to jump ahead or behind to additional tracks.

It is important to understand that if you initiate playback when a recording is in progress, the recording will be temporarily paused until playback stops, so its best to wait until your recording session is completed before starting playback.