Max Recorder Quick Start Guide

This guide shows how to use the YouTube Wizard to record YouTube music videos and also how to
use the main Max Recorder panel to record songs from Spotify, Pandora and all other media players.

1. Install Max Recorder

Max Recorder can be installed on any Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 or Windows Vista PC:

2. Start Max Recorder

To start Max Recorder, double-click the Max Recorder desktop icon:
Or, select it from your Windows Start menu:
    Start → Programs → Max Recorder → Max Recorder
The Max Recorder main program panel as shown below will then start and is ready to begin recording.
Max Recorder screenshot image

3. Using the YouTube Wizard

Click the YouTube Wizard button at the bottom of the Max Recorder page to open the Wizard as shown below.
Artist Selection - click in the Search field at the top and enter a band name, in this case The Beatles was entered. Note that a powerful Auto Complete feature makes it easy to quickly find the 10,000 most popular bands but over 250,000 of the most popular artists worldwide are available for selection.

After you select an artist their songs are displayed in order of popularity with the most popular song at the top.

Song Selection - After you select a band, click on each song you wish to record or just click the Select button to select all the songs.
Now click the Start button to begin the Playback and Recording process.

During recording if you hear a song you don't want to record, just click the Next button to skip to the next song
As each song is recorded it is shown in the Recorded Track List in the main Max Recorder panel.
Saving your Recordings - click either the Save button in the Wizard panel or the Save To button in the main Max Recorder panel.

Then follow the instructions to quickly save all your recordings either as MP3 files or directly into iTunes.

4. Recording from Spotify, Pandora and all other music services and players

You can record songs from Spotify, Pandora and all other media players and browsers and any other PC audio by using the main Max Recorder panel shown above.

If the YouTube Wizard panel is open, close it by clicking on the X in its upper right hand corner.

Then to begin recording, simply start audio playback with any desired media player, browser, or video player. Max Recorder will automatically begin recording the audio, as indicated by both the moving meter bars and the elapsed time display that shows the length of the current recording.
When that track has completed, Max Recorder will automatically recognize the end of that track even if another track begins playing. As shown below Max Recorder then stores the completed track in the Recorded Tracks list and begins recording the next track that begins playing. Note that the stored track uses a temporary name based on the current time and date.

5. Rename recorded tracks

You can now provide the correct track info for a recorded track by clicking on it to highlight it and then clicking the Rename button. As shown below a dialog appears where you can enter the Track Title, Artist Name, and additional track info.

6. Save recorded tracks

When you have a track you want to keep permanently, highlight that track and click the Save To button.  As shown below a dialog will appear that will allow you to save that track either directly to an MP3 file or to save it directly into iTunes so you can easily load it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The Save dialog also lets you enter the desired track information.
When saving to iTunes, the track will automatically appear in your Recently Added playlist in iTunes, making it easy to find your new Max Recorder recordings.

7. Play recorded tracks

You can play recorded tracks by highlighting them and then clicking on the Play button at the bottom of Max Recorder (shown below), or by just double-clicking on them. Keep in mind that playing a track in Max Recorder will temporarily disable recording so its best to wait until you are done recording before playing your tracks.

8. More features

As we've mentioned, Max Recorder automatically segments tracks into individual recordings that you can then selectively listen to and save permanently. There is also an option in Max Recorder to hide short recordings so they don't appear in the Recorded Tracks list. Short recordings typically appear between track recordings, and by clicking on the Hide Short Files check box you can keep these recordings from being displayed in the list, making it easier to find the recordings that you wish to keep permanently.

There are additional options and methods that can be used with Max Recorder. For full information on these please refer to the additional guides available on the Support page.