Max Recorder Recording Guide

This guide fully covers the usage of the recording controls of Max Recorder. To start using Max Recorder right away, please refer to the Quick Start Guide. You can then refer to this recording guide to learn more about additional options and ways to use Max Recorder.

Note that the YouTube Wizard fully automates the process of finding and recording an artist's YouTube music videos. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide to learn how to use the YouTube Wizard, the information in this section is primarily focused on using the main Max Recorder panel to record Spotify, Pandora and all other media players.

Record Mode Button

The large RECORD button shown above on the left side of the Max Recorder interface allows you to set the Record Mode to ON or OFF.

When Record Mode is ON, Max Recorder will automatically record any audio being played. If the Auto-Split Tracks button is also ON, then Max Recorder will automatically save each track as an individual recording.

To stop recording audio, simply click on the RECORD button to turn Record Mode OFF.

Elapsed Time Display and Recording Indicator

At the top of the Recorded Tracks list there is an elapsed time display along with moving vertical bars that indicate that a recording is actively in progress as well as displaying its current recorded time length.

Auto-Split Tracks Button

When the Auto-Split Tracks button is ON:
When recording audio tracks which are being played continuously from one track to the next such as audio from online radio and media player playlists, Max Recorder automatically splits the recordings into individual tracks. This makes it easy to select and play individual tracks in the Recorded Tracks list so you can decide which ones you want to keep permanently.

When the Auto-Split Tracks button is OFF:
Max Recorder functions more like a "traditional" recording device in which the user manually controls when recording begins and ends. This mode is useful when you don't want a recording to be split into individual tracks such as a long interview or lecture which may contain silent pauses.

In this mode there are two ways to end a recording. The first method is to click the Record Mode button OFF to end the current recording and cause it to appear in the Recorded Tracks list. The Record Mode button must then be clicked back ON to start recording again. The second more flexible method uses the Add to List Now button described below.

Add to List Now Button

The Add to List Now button only appears when the Auto-Split Tracks button is OFF. This is when Max Recorder is in the mode that requires the user to manually decide where to separate recordings into individual recorded tracks.

In this mode, clicking the Add to List Now button will cause the currently recorded material to be segmented and moved to the Recorded Tracks list, but unlike clicking Record Mode OFF to complete the track, recording of the currently playing material continues without any gaps. The button thus allows the user to manually segment the beginnings and ends of recorded tracks without missing any of the currently playing audio.